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Manthan is at the forefront of the big data churn in retail, converting uncertainty into usable probability for the world's leading retailers

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Transform Supplier Relationships

Author a mutual growth story with intelligent supplier collaboration. Create an agile , profitable network with the only retail specific All-in-One supplier collaboration platform. Align business goals and execute joint strategies, leading to more successful promotions and greater shopper loyalty

Retail Analytics

Addresses all your merchandising and store analytics needs

Manthan Retail Analytics allows merchandisers, trading and operational managers to use the capabilities of advanced analytics to make profitable decisions related to inventory, assortment, prices, promorions and operations across all channels

Customer 360

Transforming Customer Marketing with Analytics

Improve customer segmentation, targeting, relevance and attribution by:
- understanding path to purchase;
- uncovering purchase intents early;
- identifying multi-channel behavior

Target One

Personalized Direct to Shopper Marketing

A cloud-based solution, TargetOne is the central hub that lets marketers easily adopt analytics powered targeting and personalization. Execute scheduled and triggered campaigns across all digital channels

About Manthan Company

Huge experience
Over the years, with its focus on retail, Manthan has developed an unparalleled understanding of the industry and industry constraints across geographies. This familiarity has helped Manthan adapt the most recent developments in big-data analytics into actionable business solutions.
170 clients, 21 countries
Today Manthan serves as the Chief Analytics Officer to over 170 leading retail and consumer group organisations across 21 countries. With a portfolio of analytics products and solutions architected with deep industry specificity -aligning analytics, technology and industry practices to deliver sophisticated, yet intuitive analytical capability.
Unlimited possibilities
An advanced analytics solution should be able to analyze any retail scenario (predicted and unpredicted), provide recommendations and enable execution. Manthan’s solutions promise complete fulfillment on analytics needs across the entire decision-making and action lifecycle. They combine business scenarios, statistical sciences, advanced analytics and business process automation to complete a virtuous analytics cycle.